Pneumatech Nitrogen Generation Equipment

Pneumatech has provided industry-leading compressed air treatment and gas generation solutions to customers across the globe. They pioneered external heat regenerative dryers, introduced variable speed technology on refrigerant dryers and pushed the energy efficiency of nitrogen and oxygen generators to the highest level. Their innovative products and solutions provide clean, dry air and gas to the brewing industry as well as general industries such as automotive, textile, power generation, oil & gas, food & beverage, and electronics.

Did you know that brewers can achieve up to 90% savings on their process gas costs with no impact on their DO? With Pneumatech on-site nitrogen generation, you can generate brewer-quality nitrogen, at a fraction of the cost of delivered CO2. This allows you to take control of your gas supply, reduce your carbon footprint (no off-site production/deliveries/losses) all while saving thousands of pounds!

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  • Product description

    Nitrogen generation is the simple process of taking compressed ambient air and filtering out the oxygen to the desired purity/quality. Due to the abundance of nitrogen in the atmosphere (~78), it is possible to filter the nitrogen to purities as high as 99.999% (10ppm).

    The BCGA (British Compressed Gas Association) references 99% as the minimum purity for food-grade nitrogen, however in the food and drinks industry, there is huge variance in requirements based on application. For breweries, Pneumatech have found purity between 99.5% to 99.9% being acceptable for all process is except carbonation.

    With the average brewer using 4.8kg of CO2 gas per hL, having CO2 delivered is a huge pain in the gas when considering the associated environmental and financial costs. You could eliminate most of your CO2 usage by replacing it with self-generated nitrogen.

    • Generate your own nitrogen at a fraction of the cost
    • On-site nitrogen has a carbon footprint ~95% lower than that of delivered CO2
    • Reduce your reliance on third parties for such a critical part of your process

    Through our exclusive partnership with Pneumatech we offer the following range of equipment:

    PPNG 1.5.5 HE PSA
    PPNG 6-90 HE PSA
    PPNG 100-800 PSA
    PMNG 1-3
    PMNG 4-40 HE

    Discover by clicking on the link how much your brewery could save with our savings calculator

    When it comes to nitrogen for breweries, one size doesn’t fit all. We know that the realities of a large production facility are much different from the requirements of a small craft brewery. That is why we don’t offer a uniform brewery solution that would work for only a few. Fortunately, our nitrogen generator product range is extensive and flexible, allowing us to present every brewery with a solution that meets its specific needs.


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