Lalvin VP 41 MBR

VP41 wine bacteria enhances complexity and mouthfeel, adapted to high alcohol wines.

Is the acidity the only thing you can taste? Try partnering acidity-reducing 71B yeast with a co-inoculation of bacteria such as VP41.

It is one of the wine bacterias that is very tolerant to SO2. In addition to it’s excellent wine tolerance, Lalvin VP41® is recognized for it’s sensory contribution to red berry fruit aroma, it’s late and slow degradation of citric acid and very low production of diacetyl.

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    Lalvin VP41 was isolated in a hot region of Italy during a European Craft malolactic bacteria selection project for wine bacteria with unique performance and winemaking properties. Lalvin VP41® stood out as highly tolerant, which can perform under the most difficult winemaking conditions such as very high alcohol as well as low pH.

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