Lalvin MT01 MBR (25G/25HL)

Lalvin MT01 MBR (25G/25HL)

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  • Product description

    Lalvin MT01 is a single strain of Oenococcus oeni isolated in the famous area of France for the production of sparkling wines. One of the most widely used selected malolactic cultures in sparkling wines, this strain has been used in successful vintages since 1993.

    Microbiological and Oenological Properties

    • Single strain of Oenococcus oeni.

    • After appropriate reactivation & acclimatization, Lalvin®MT01 has the ability to tolerate a range of MLF conditions

    – Environmental limits for Lalvin MT01:

    Alcohol: At least 12.5 % v/v

    pH: >pH 2.9

    Total SO2: < 50 mg/L Temperature: > 15°C (ideal 20-22 °C).

    • Note: due the numerous inter-relationships existing between wine physico-chemical parameters, the ‘additive inhibitory effects’ of multiple limiting conditions on bacterial growth and activity, such as low temperature with high alcohol, and low pH with high SO2 must NOT be ignored.

    • To avoid inhibition of Lalvin MT01 by SO2, it is recommended that the concentration of measurable total SO2 in the wine prior to inoculation should not exceed 30 mg/L.

    Sensory Impact

    • Lalvin MT01 is characterised by very low production of volatile acidity and diacetyl due to a lack of citrate permease activity.

    • Neutral sensory effect.

    • Retains varietal fruit aromas.

    Recommended Application and Style

    • Lalvin MT01 is particularly suited for sparkling wine, as well as white and red table wines, when neutral character from MLF is desired.

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