Lalvin Fermaid Cider Nutrient (2.5kg)

Fermaid C is a blend complex yeast nutrient suitable for the alcoholic fermentation of apple and pear juice.

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  • Product description

    To facilitate the efficient and rapid finish to the fermentation, Fermaid C™ supplements a series of important nutrients and bio-factors.

    They are:
    • Mineral enriched specific yeast derivatives
    • Di-Ammonium phosphate
    • Thiamine, niacin, folic acid and calcium pantothenate

    For cider applications, the recommended dose is 30-50 g/hL.

    It is recommended to split the Fermaid C™ addition; half at yeast inoculation and again at 1/3rd sugar depletion, especially for juice limited in available nitrogen and high sugars.

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