Myron L Ultrapen PT2 Hand Held pH Meter and Temperature pen

This instrument is designed to be extremely accurate, fast and simple to use in diverse water quality applications. Advanced features include automatic temperature compensation; highly stable microprocessor-based circuitry; user-intuitive design; and waterproof housing. A true one-handed instrument, the PT2 is easy to calibrate and easy to use.

To take a measurement, you simply push a button then dip the pen in the solution. Results display in seconds.


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  • Product description

    Simple conductivity pen-style pocket tester from Myron L

    • Supplied with battery installed
    • Scoop
    • Protective Cap
    • Pocket Clip
    • Holster
    • Lanyard
    • Operating Instructions

    Does not include calibration solutions

    Battery Type: N type, Alkaline, 1.5V

    Operating/Storage Temperature: 0 – 55ÂșC

  • Additional information

    Additional information

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    Hand Held pH Meter