Haffmans Analogue CO2 Meter (GMT)

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In the beer and beverage industries, the content of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) are determining factors in the quality, taste and flavour stability of beer and carbonated beverages. Particularly, O2 is an important parameter as it causes a rapid decline of the flavour stability and shelf life.

Breweries, as well as soft drink manufacturers, continuously control and measure the concentrations of CO2 and O2 during production.

Once the sample is taken equilibrium is automatically created and the operator reads the pressure from the manometer and the temperature from the thermometer. The CO2 content is then determined by using a Pentair Haffmans’ slide rule.

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    – Accurate product control
    – Reproducible and operator independent results
    – Cost saving
    – Lower investment costs (one device for CO2 and O2 measurement)
    – Less labour intensive
    – Reduction of beer loss
    – Low maintenance


    Laboratory, after the production, sampled from a variety of bottles or cans.
    At-line, direct sampling during the production process (from process lines, vessels, tanks or kegs)

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    Haffman Analogue CO2 Meter (GMT)