Haffmans CO2/Dissolved Oxygen DO Combined Meter (c-DGM)

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The Haffmans Portable Optical CO2 /O2 /TPO Meter c-DGM combines the internationally accepted determination of the dissolved CO2 content based on Henry’s Law with a highly accurate dissolved O2 and TPO measurement.

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    Haffmans state-of-the-art optical CO2/O2/TPO measurement technology is greatly improved compared to the traditional CO2/O2/TPO measuring instruments and doesn’t require frequent calibration. Its design allows for higher product pressure, making it suitable for the soft drink industry.

    Up to 10 different product types can be programmed into the device. The optional bumper protects the c-DGM against physical impact in harsh environments.

    The Haffmans Portable CO2/CO2/TPO Meter c-DGM enables:

    -Combined CO2 /O2 measurement
    -Single CO2 measurement
    -Continuous O2 measurement
    -Single O2 measurement
    -Combined CO2 /TPO measurement
    -Single TPO measurement


    At-line, sampled directly during the production process (from process lines, vessels, tanks or kegs)
    Laboratory, after the production, sampled from a variety of bottles or cans.

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    Haffmans CO2/Dissolved Oxygen DO Combined Meter (c-DGM)