Gluten Analysis (100ml)

Gluten Analysis (100ml). Analysed by Elisa method R5 Gliadin analysis. If you require a faster turnaround, select LAB-GLUTEN-FAST in the customer portal.

For more information on how we conduct our testing and our 5 tips for successful gluten free brewing, please click here-

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  • Product description

    How do I get my sample to you?

    Firstly, download our laboratory submissions form, then complete all details and package the bottled samples safely for postage. Address the package with samples and form to:

    The Laboratory
    Murphy & Son
    Alpine Street
    NG6 0HQ

    You will receive a written report within 10 working days of the lab receiving your samples.

    For more information, email

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    Additional information

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    Stock-to-base Ratio


    Available In

    Gluten Analysis (500ml) 1 to 2 Samples

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