GlutenTox Pro (5 per Case)

GlutenTox® Pro is a user-friendly gluten detection kit for foods, drinks and surfaces. GlutenTox® Pro contains the G12 antibody that specifically recognizes the 33-mer peptide, the gluten fraction that triggers a reaction in those with celiac disease.

Supports In-house R&D to identify optimal addition rate and time-points when gluten levels are below LOD. 

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  • Product description

    GlutenTox®️ Pro is a rapid, lateral flow device for the detection of gluten. These convenient tests can be performed on-site, to identify if Gluten levels are below the limit of detection and to check effectiveness of cleaning to avoid cross contamination of gluten allergens. 

    Please note: in the UK for beers to be labelled as gluten free, they must be below 20ppm of gluten as determined by R5 ELISA Competitive testing carried out in a UKAS accredited laboratory. 

    Murphy and son are proud to offer this service, for more information please see here.


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