Glucose Syrup Low Colour (glucor 60/80) (25kg)

Glucose Syrup Low Colour (glucor 60/80) (25kg)

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  • Product description

    Glucose syrup low colour (glucor 60/80) is a purified and concentrated aqueous solution of nutritive saccharides, obtained from starch, in accordance with the Directive of the Council of the European Union 2001/111/CE.

    The product is derived from processed wheat. Adjunct are available in liquid and granular form.


    -Flavour and colour modification
    -Brew length extender
    -Often cheaper than 100% barley malt
    -Reduces haze
    -High fermentable yield
    -High gravity brewing

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    Glucose Syrup Low Colour (glucor 60/80) (25kg)