Glucose Syrup (Brewing Syrup 731) (25kg)

Glucose syrup (731) is a non-GMO purified caramel with a colour of 25-55 ° EBC which can be used as a priming sugar or brewlength extender. Glucose syrup can be added as a kettle adjunct or added to unfiltered beer at packaging.

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  • Product description

    This product increases sweetness and fermentability.

    -Can be used as kettle adjuncts where residual sugars contribute to mouthfeel and flavour after fermentation.

    -Can be added to unfiltered beer at packaging as “primings”, contributing conditioning (sparkle) to the finished product.

    To determine the correct rate of use it is advised that rates of Glucose syrup should be determined based on the results of optimisation trials.





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    Glucose Syrup 61% ( Brewing Syrup 731) (25kg)