Adjuvant 83 Liquid (5L)

Extremely pure bentonite powder for the clarifying of wine in bottle after the secondary fermentation.

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  • Product description

    ADJUVANT 83 allows the clarification of wine in the bottle, during the secondary fermentation. It collects the deposit either from riddling on stands by the GYROPALETTE® method.

    ADJUVANT 83 is a balanced and elaborated blend of bentonites and mineral colloids.The use of bentonites from different sources reduces inequalities between batches and above all enables the most precious qualities of American and continental bentonites to be combined. Each arrival is carefully controlled by tests.

    When bottled on slats, ADJUVANT 83 coats the glass, to which it does not adhere and forms an isolating layer. Yeasts are drawn towards the neck in a consistent manner and without leaving traces on the glass. It is perfectly effective on stands but its formula was designed for ultra-rapid riddling obtained through the GYROPALETTE method

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