Someone said, “There’s nothing new in Brewing – it’s just regurgitated in a different package”

Well, that’s true, but the understanding of what’s going on is a lot clearer these days.

And the whole industry’s going through a massive change in terms of quality and due diligence on the one hand, with stiff competition and an ever critical drinking public on the other.

This is where I come in…

A passion

I’m totally dedicated to the Industry – d’you know, I wanted to be a brewer when I was at school!

So I went to the Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh for four years and came out with an honours degree in Brewing and Biochemistry. I then qualified as a Master Brewer with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

It must’ve done some good, because I was asked to be part of the Incorporated Brewers Guild’s lecture teams in Canada, Nigeria and various other lecturettes in the UK.

Professional Career

Courage group: Various positions in brewing and packaging (not forgetting the hop farms!) in John Smiths, Reading and London;

Stout and lager brewing in Guinness;

Brewing at senior level on the Isle of Man and in South Wales, with Crown Buckley and Brains.

That means over forty years . . . Where did it go?!

BDS: Brewer Development Services

So now, it’s time to put something back: I have the experience, the qualifications and more importantly, the time.

BDS is my consultancy operation:

Sounding board:

  • Many brewers appreciate the opportunity simply to discuss their methods with a professional, to see if they’re “on the right track”:
  • We’re all busy people and I have the resources to audit, offer advice and if necessary research alternative options for your operation;
  • I’m not going to build your brewery for you, but I’ll be there to help and advise you with options and other concepts before you commit to a potentially expensive capital expansion plan;

Troubleshooter: You got a problem?

  • “Why does my beer stay cloudy?”
  • “Why do my fermentations stick?”
  • “Why does my beer taste the way it does?”
  • “What records should I be keeping?”
  • “How can I improve the way I do things?”

My hands-on approach and will delve into the corners of your operation to come up with best answers; with the help of Murphys, we can do this!


  • Certificated TAQA (Training and Quality Assurance ) Assessor; Recognised by awarding bodies as being qualified to assess Proficiency in Brewing apprenticeship qualification;
  • Accredited trainer with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.
  • It’s all about the need to understand at all levels:


  • The most important link in the chain
  • I can help you with your organisation, the procedures for which you are accountable, your products and their formulation, brewing, packaging, dispense and QC;

Production Staff:

  • The most important links in the chain:
  • They need to buy in to your operation, be fully conversant with safe and efficient operating procedures and why things are done the way they are;

Quality, revenue and legal control:

The most important links in the chain:

  • Are you meeting QC (and HMRC) requirements?
  • Have you a plan?
  • What are you going to do when it goes pair-shaped?


Arguably the most important link in the chain:

  • When your product leaves you, it’s cast off, sailing free and left in the hands of a stranger!
  • Fifty years ago, all pubs were doing a barrel a day, sadly not the case now. So it’s even more important that they know precisely what’s going on in a cask (or keg, for that matter!) and what they should be doing!
  • My take on this is a no-holds-barred, straight from the shoulder, dispel myths approach with a unique delivery method;
  • At the end of the training session with your group, they will all understand their part in looking after your beer!

Contact: Don Jeffrey

Brewer Development Services

07706 168278