Clare Sisson

Deputy Office ManagerSouth England and South Wales

Tel: +44 (0) 115 978 0111

Clare has been an integral part of our internal sales team for over twelve years now and has built strong relationships with many of you, our customers. If you’re calling to place an order and based in the South, then you’ll likely speak to our Clare. Renowned for calling everyone ‘my darling’, Clare (The Sissonator) always goes the extra mile for her customers, knowing some so well they’re ‘like family’. Clare personally coordinates much of our customer service administration and systems, as well as administering the company’s Social Committee and Health & Safety Committee.

Clare is bubbly, down to earth and the heart of the office, and can always be counted on to bring the banter. Family comes first, namely her husband and daughter Erin. When not at work it’s all about holidays abroad, nights out, great food and Prosecco… Prosecco Friday is definitely a thing!