Nipac B – A Nitric and Phophoric Acid Blend

As a brewer you may have a problem with beerstone build-up in brewing vessels and containers.

Beerstone is a compound called calcium oxalate, and if not completely removed can harbour microorganisms. Beerstone is a common factor in wild yeast infections within breweries, it can also act as a nucleation point and cause gushing.

The removal of this material is carried out by using a concentrated formulation of nitric and phosphoric acids.

Nipac B is designed primarily for this application in breweries and is formulated to be low foaming and is suitable for use in recirculation applications. It can be used as an alternative to caustic based detergents in breweries for the cleaning of bright beer tanks and tankers whilst under CO2 atmosphere. A gel version exists for manual application where recirculation of the product is not possible.

The Benefits of Nipac B:

  • Excellent mineral and protein removal
  • Aids removal of beer and milk stains
  • Safe for use on Stainless Steel
  • Can be used under CO2 atmospheres
  • Suitable for use in CIP applications.

For more information and dosage rates please email or download theĀ Nipac B Technical Data Sheet.

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