Rate of Cooling Beer

General Considerations

• The cooling rate should be sufficient to control the flocculation and setlling of yeast to give the desired yeast count at rack.

The rate of cooling depends on:
• Flocculation characteristics of the yeast.
• Fermenter design, i.e. square or cylindroconical.

Range of Values

• Initial beer temperature is usually 19° – 22° C (66° – 72° F).
• The temperature of cooled beer is typically 12° – 14° C (54° – 57° F).
• Typical rates of temperature fall are 1° C (2° F) every 8 hours in squares, and 1° C (2° F) every two hours in cylindroconical vessels
• The ‘Cleansing’ period in squares is typically 2 – 3 days.

Operational Protocols

• The temperature of the beer should be measured every 4 – 6 hours and the flow rate of coolant adjusted accordingly.
• The flow of coolant is preferably automatically controlled

Measurement Protocols

• Temperatures should be measured as far away as practicable from the attemperators.