Seguin Moreau Oenochips- ‘R02’ (9kg)

OENOCHIPS R02 oak blend aids in the expression of fruity aromas and adds elegant touches of oak and structure, resulting in a rich and deep mouthfeel.

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  • Product description

    A range of chips for wine aging, drawing on the latest scientific knowledge about the oenological use of oak.

    This top-of-the-line tool enables winemakers to obtain distinctive, reproducible sensory profiles, while benefitting from a more rapid extraction rate.

    Oenochips formulations integrate balanced oak sensations quickly into the wine, efficiently meeting production and marketing constraints.

    Recommended contact time varies from one to four months, depending on desired oenological objective, comparing favourably with the two to five months aging time for many oak chips on the market.

    For more details on implementation, storage, and more details on the Oenochips range, please select ‘TDS 1’above.

    We stock a chosen selection of Seguin Moreau products and can source other products outside of the chosen range with a longer lead time. Please see below to view the full Seguin Moreau Oenochips brochure.

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