SafBrew™ LD-20 Lower-carb dry lager and beers (500g)

An ALL-IN-1™ Yeast and Enzyme blend for lower carb dry lager beers.

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  • Product description

    SafBrew™ LD-20 is the perfect choice for the production of very dry and neutral lager beers with reduced residual sugars. SafBrew™ LD-20 is made of both active dry yeast and enzymes and allows the production of beers containing the same level of alcohol with a reduction of up to 20% of carbohydrates including dextrins.

    SafBrew™ LD-20 is an All-In-1™ solution from Fermentis especially for dry lagers with a fairly neutral flavor profile. With the influence of the selected yeast, this solution performs in many different brewing conditions, at low temperature fermentation.

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