Peracetic Acid 5% (30kg) (HZ)

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Peracetic Acid 5% (30kg)

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  • Product description

    Peracetic acid 5% is a non-rinse sterilant, the product can be used in any application where the degree of soiling is light and a disinfecting action is required after cleaning.

    Peracetic acid 5% is a terminal disinfectant and provided that items are well drained after treatment, solutions need not be rinsed off. The product decomposes to acetic acid and oxygen, neither of which in such small quantities will have any adverse effects.


    -Fast acting
    -Non polluting to the environment
    -No need to rinse after use

    Rates of Use

    Small items can be left to soak overnight in a steeping tank using Peracetic Acid 5% diluted, 3-10mls PAA per litre of water.
    Beer mains and hoses may be filled after cleaning with a diluted solution of PAA, 3-5mls PAA per litre of water and left for several hours before draining off.
    Large vessels and plant are best treated by spray-ball using a dilute solution of PAA, 10-20ml in a litre of water. Alternatively a fog gun may be used but particular attention must be paid to safety precautions if a fog spray is used, to avoid eye or skin contact or inhalation.

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    Peracetic Acid 5% (30kg)