Nipac B (30kg) (HZ)

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Nipac B can be used as an alternative to caustic based detergents in Breweries for the cleaning of Bright Beer Tanks and Tankers, whilst under CO₂ atmosphere.

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    Nipac B is excellent for mineral and protein removal and aids removal of beer and milk stains.It is safe for use on stainless steel and it is suitable for use in CIP applications.

    In use concentrations of Nipac B are application dependent and should be established during trials. Cleaning temperatures should be optimised during trials. However, it is not advisable to use Nitric Acid based products such as Nipac B above 50°C. In contact with Copper or its alloys (Brass, etc), Nitric Acid based products will produce Toxic Gas.

    CIP. For Clean in Place applications of Stainless Steel, glass and synthetic resin lined vessels or pipelines; Nipac B is typically circulated at 1% to 4% v/v. It is advisable to check compatibility before using Nipac B with synthetic resins. Nipac B can be used in a CO2 atmosphere without degradation. Before circulating the detergent, pre-rinsing with water is advisable.


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