Lalvin SENSY Wine Yeast (YSEO) (500g)

Lalvin SENSY Wine Yeast (YSEO) (500g)

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    A new generation of wine yeast that gives the freedom to express the sensory potential of varietal white wine.

    The selection of Lalvin Sensy was largely made possible through a collaborative study between the ICV Group, Lallemand oenology, SupAgro and INRA Montpellier. This study, using the QTL technique (Quantitative Trait Loci), was used during the thesis: Identification of the molecular basis of technological properties of wine yeast (Jessica Noble, Advisor: Bruno Blondin, 2011).

    This work resulted in a patent application filed by INRA and Montpellier SupAgro: «Method of control on the production of sulphites, hydrogen sulphur and acetaldehyde by yeast ( Variants MET2 / SKP2)».

    This approach has enabled the development of an innovative selection technique for yeast which produces low levels of SO2, H2S and acetaldehyde.H2S confers negative aroma attributes to wine.

    It can be considered as a real issue especially for varietal white wine, as it generates unacceptable quality loses and masks aroma flavour. Lalvin Sensy will produce no or very little H2S which is a great advantage to express varietal aroma from white grape varieties.

    The low acetaldehyde production by Lalvin Sensy will be a good asset to stabilize wines through moderates SO2 use.

    Lalvin Sensy gives more open wines whereas wine fermented with other yeast show more reductive notes and. has the capacity to enhance mouthfeel structure.

    Microbial and Oenological Properties
    • Recommended for white wine production.

    • Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. cerevisiae

    • Very good implantation

    • Very short lag phase

    • Complete to regular fermentation rate

    • Alcohol resistance: up to 15%

    • Temperature tolerance: 12 to 18°C

    • Low requirement for assimilable nitrogen

    • Low H2S whatever fermentation environmental conditions

    • Very low SO2 production

    • Low volatile acidity production (< 0.35 g/L) • Low acetaldehyde production • Contributes to enhancing varietal aroma • Very good mouthfeel

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    Lalvin SENSY Wine Yeast (YSEO) (500g)