Lalvin OPTI-MUM RED™ (1kg)

Increased roundness for red wines and softening of astringency

OPTI-MUM RED™ provides greater availability of polysaccharides in your wine. OPTI-MUM RED™ is a specific yeast autolysate, that combines the unique properties of wine yeast and the effects of mannoprotein extraction treatment (MEX), creating greater accessibility of polysaccharides in your must.

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  • Product description

    OPTI-MUM RED™ helps to produce wines with intense color, a rounder, softer mouthfeel, and a decreased perception of astringency.

    • Early additions of OPTI-MUM RED lead to more stable color due to reactions between early-released color molecules (anthocyanins), phenolic compounds (tannins), and polysaccharides (OPTI-MUM RED)
    • Reduces the perception of green, astringent tannins in cool-climate or low maturity fruit
    • Reduces the sensation of hotness in high alcohol wines
    • The mannoprotein portion of this autolyzed yeast helps soften mouthfeel
    • The yeast strain behind OPTI-MUM RED was specifically selected and fully autolyzed for its highly reactive high molecular weight polysaccharides and oligosaccharides
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