Lallzyme C-Max™ Pectinase (250g)

For overall improvement in juice quality, combined with rapid and compact lees settling resulting in improved wine quality.

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    Due to its high concentration, richness and complexity of enzyme activities, Lallzyme C-Max™ enhances settling, clarification and pressing.

    Lallzyme C-Max™ shows its unique activity under different settling conditions, such as low temperatures, high total pectins content, highly branched pectins, low pH or short contact time.

    Active also under extreme conditions of low pH, low temperature or high pectin content


    0.5-1.0 g/hL for standard conditions, at temperature above 12°C (53°F)
    1.0-2.0 g/hL for lower temperature, from 8 to 12°C (46-53°F)

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    Lallzyme C-Max (250g)