ICV Opale 2.0 (500g)

Enhanced varietal character in whites and rosés

New wine yeast for rose wines and cider to bring out exotic and citrus aromas, while maintaining freshness sought after in roses. A QTL yeast with low to no H2S, SO2 and acetaldehyde production.

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  • Product description

    LALVIN ICV OPALE 2.0™ respects varietal characteristics while producing intense and complex fruit aromas in white and rosé wines with a well-balanced mouthfeel.

    Lalvin ICV Opale 2.0™ exhibits a special ability to produce very low level of H2S and SO2. Moreover, the final level of acetaldehyde fermented with Lalvin ICV Opale 2.0™ willmbe a good asset to stabilize most wines with moderate SO2 level. Sensory attributes provide exotic, tropical and citrus fruit intensity. Lalvin ICV Opale 2.0™ is a good alternative to other selected wine yeast to obtain more freshness in wine.

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