Basic Aluminium Truck (AluTruk) with puncture proof tyre

You can now go to BIL Group for all your Dray handling needs. Murphy and Son have been partnered with BIL group for several years jointly supplying a vast customer base base within the Brewing Industry.

We are excited to announce that BIL Group will now be working directly with customers, carrying forward the high level of service we currently provide.

View the BIL website here

Want to place an order? Your main contact will be Steve McKay, 

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  • Product description

    Compatible with 9 gallons (firkin); 10 gallons; 11gallons (50litres); 18 gallons (kilderkin) and 22 gallons (100 litres)

    300 MAX KG

    A simple yet durable design to make moving and locating beer kegs easier and safer. With a combination of its curved back frame and keg hook assembly, locating kegs securely to the sack truck is simple providing stability and ease of use.

    Control of the sack truck under load is maintained using a dual grip handle design giving the user confidence when on the move. The puncture-proof wheels provide durability and peace of mind and are fitted with precision bearings creating a smooth ride when under load.

    Additionally, concerns about load support and unwanted rain splashback are avoided with the addition of lightweight wheel guards. These are combined with an extruded aluminium designed base plate that provides added durability in comparison to many cast footplates on the market that cracks due to poor material design.

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