Rebecca Nice


Rebecca really is the ‘Face of Murphys’; the first person you see when you come on site and always at the end of the phone too. She prides herself on her customer service and always goes the extra mile for her customers and the entire Murphy team. Before her role as receptionist, Rebecca spent ten years in retail management, specifically shoes, clothes and make-up, so was in her element! She also spent seven years at Capital One, becoming known as Mrs Capital One to her colleagues, as she worked in most of the departments at some point, including Fraud, Dept Management and Underwriting.

When not at work it’s all about the three Fs… Family; consisting of hubby, two boys and the real man of the house, the cat! Football; Rebecca has a season ticket for Nottingham Forest and can often be found shouting loudly from the terraces on a Saturday. Last but not least, fun, which all weekends should be, right?