Dear European Customers,

We thought we would take the time to inform you of the current changes we are aware of as a result of Brexit negotiations and COVID 19.

We are currently progressing with preparations, please rest assured our plans have one aim- to minimize the impact on you.

With only few weeks to go, we are still waiting on confirmation on what the final working arrangement for trade between EU and UK will be at the of transition period for Brexit.

Europe remains and will always be at the heart of our future. As the end of the transition period approaches, we recommend the following;

• We kindly ask you to place your orders for December and January in November.

• Please provide your EORI number ASAP so we can update our systems, please email to confirm.

• When placing your orders, please quote your EORI number as this will need to be present on your invoice.

• If you don’t have an EORI number, please also let us know on the email address above. In order to import anything from UK after the 1st January 2021, you will need this number on your invoices.

• We suggest stockpiling with at least an extra month worth of stock in advance.

• In the case of items with short shelf life, (PGA solution for example), we suggest placing orders in advance.

• Final orders MUST be placed by first week of December (Monday 1st December- Friday 4th December)

From New Year, new processes will be put in place. We will inform you of any further updates as and when we receive them.We expect severe disruptions on the border in the first few weeks of the new year, regardless of the outcome of negotiations.

We thank you for your cooperation and patience while we process your orders. Due to an increased higher demand and staff on furlough, please place your orders as soon as you can to support our export department during this time.

For any queries regarding export, please contact