Tom Wiszniewski

Brexit Coordinator

Tom is our chief traveller, pursuing leads across the globe and already leading us to success! He¬†joined the company in 2017 from a similar position as part of the medical industry, developing international business to business relationships. Tom also has experience in procurement alongside business development, ensuring he understands the internal supply chain inside out. So, whether you’re a new brewery in South East Asia or an established distributor of brewing supplies in central Europe, Tom is on hand to support and supply from our product range to suit your business needs.

When he’s not off in search of new opportunities, breweries and industries abroad, Tom is blasting metal and classic rock in our offices (with a mixed reception), penning light bulb moment emails and masterminding expert excel documents to better understand our global efforts. He’s also a huge Monty Python fan (who isn’t?), professional beer drinker (who isn’t?), loves travelling (thank goodness!) and is a proficient picture framer (random!). Most importantly though, he’s a devoted father, aw! Oh and FC Barcelona supporter!

Top tip, having an unpronounceable surname makes for a great Wi-Fi password. Favourite beer, nothing beats a hoppy lager, closely followed by a classic IPA.