Murphy & Son do not just supply the widest range of processing products available to brewers of all sizes. We also supply all of the technical expertise and know-how to help you get the best possible results from your brewing process every single time.

We have a fully equipped laboratory here at our head office in Nottingham where we carry out a variety of tests and analyses both on our own products and those sent in by our customers.

Long Shot-Services

These include alcohol by volume (ABVs) by distillation, and a free liquor analysis which can help to determine the particular composition of your water supply and see if this can be tailored to suit your beer’s specific qualities. We perform liquor analysis like this for many of the country’s leading brewers on a regular basis.

Micro audit

We can also perform a micro audit designed to look at every aspect of the Cost, Quality and Efficiency of your micro brewing operation. Our team will visit your micro brewery for anything up to a day and a half. We take plenty of information away and carry out a detailed audit of your entire brewing process.

Our results are then presented to you in a bound report. This identifies any problems which need to be addressed. We can advise you on controlling your processes, minimising your losses and maximising yields to help you run a more efficient brewery.

In addition, our sales team can give you all of the technical help, support and advice you need when you call, to help you choose the right products for your requirements. Unlike other companies, we do not charge for providing this advice – it is free. Simply call our technical sales team on 0115 978 5494 and ask for Frances Maud.

Once your order is placed, we will get it to you via our nationwide delivery service which uses our own fleet of vehicles as well as trusted third party couriers. We deliver all orders within ten working days.

Manual handling products

As a separate part of the business, we also supply a wide range of manual handling products to breweries, as well as businesses in other industries including food and drink distribution, home delivery services and furniture removals.

You can choose from cellar and warehouse foam pads, cork-filled drop bags and dray pads. We have aluminium trucks, barrel trucks, keg skates and sack trucks, plus hooks and ropes, lifting aids, canvas and chrome leather aprons, gloves, pumps and hazard warning signage.

Every single one of our products is designed, engineered and manufactured to perform to the highest standard, and will give years of safe, reliable service to you and your workforce.

We also offer a Returnable Drum Service, please click here to learn more.