Potassium Bicarbonate- Corrector

For use as a corrector for gentle deacidification of must or wines for improving quality or rounding off of flavours. 

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  • Product description

    Potassium Bicarbonate is used to deacidify must or wine. It’s use is common in the phases of activation and starter for initiating malolactic

    Potassium Bicarbonate occurs a salinization of free tartaric acid.

    We consider that the addition of 0.5 g/L of Potassium Bicarbonate drops the total acidity of about 0.3g/L in H2SO4 (0.46 g/L in tartaric acid). This yield takes into account of neutralized acidity and tartaric precipitations induced.

    Potassium Bicarbonate is added directly into the wine. Its addition might induce a important sparkling reaction. It’s strongly recommended to add it gradually in a tank with a sufficient head space (15-20 %).

    To avoid over adjustment, the calculation of the Potassium Bicarbonate and its implementation should be done under supervision of a winemaker, taking into account of acidity and pH of the must or wine.

    The implementation may be different depending on the type of product to deacidify and the goal of the deacidification.

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