Active (25kg)

Active is a QAC free disinfectant. When used as directed, Active is suitable for use as a disinfectant in Breweries, Dairies, Food Processing and Beverage Production plants.

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  • Product description

    Use Active at concentrations between 1% and 3% v/v depending on application.

    Active can be used as a surface disinfectant (1% v/v is recommended) following thorough cleaning. It can be applied as a spray through a trigger, pump-up, backpack, pressurised canister sprayer or a venturi applicator. Active should be allowed a contact time of at least 15 minutes.

    Active can be used for dip or soak disinfection of equipment parts, utensils and tools. For maximum efficacy, items must be soaked for at least 15 minutes at a recommended concentration of 1% v/v. If on  removing items from the soak bath there is potential for hold-up or pooling of liquid, it is advisable to rinse items in potable water before re-use.

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