Crystal Balance Solution 5% (Inostab MES) (CMC)

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  • Product description

    100-200 ml/hl with a maximum dose admitted of 200ml/hl (OIV, OENO 2/2008, EC/606/2009).

    Instructions for use
    Add directly to wine, mixing until the solution is completely homogeneous.

    Store in a cool and dry environment. Once opened, keep the package properly closed in a cool and dry environment.

    Inhibition of crystal formation and growth and stability over time
    Crystal Balance sol. 5% is a protective colloid that inhibits the formation, or nucleation, and the subsequent growth of tartrate crystals in

    CMC is a polysaccharide with a balance between the degree of polymerization (PG), degree of substitution (SG) and uniformity, in order to provide an effective stabilization with low viscosity and reduced gels formation. Its rheological features allow a high solubility and a reduced preparation time becoming fitting with enological applications.

    Moreover, the effectiveness of Crystal Balance sol. 5% is maintained even when the product is exposed to varying temperature conditions,
    providing longer stability over time.

    How and when to use Crystal Balance
    To facilitate the operation in cellars, Perdomini has developed a 5% sodium carboxymethylcellulose solution, allowing to avoid the dissolution step. The best performance is achieved using Crystal Balance sol.5% before bottling of wines already stable as protein content.

    Crystal Balance sol. 5% is not recommended if the wine is treated.


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    Crystal Balance Sol 5% (Liquid) (1kg), Crystal Balance Sol 5% (Liquid) (20kg)