Classic Phosphate (Phosphate Titre)

Classic Phosphate contains nitrogen to ensure regular yeast multiplication and complete and regular sugar utilisation. It is recommended for sparkling wine production.

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    Classic Phosphate also contains thiamine chlorhydrate which helps maintain yeast health.

    The DAP contained in Classic Phosphate, since it is consumed rapidly, encourages the start of alcoholic fermentation.

    Diammonium phosphate  ensures an even supply of nitrogen right to the end of fermentation. By encouraging fermentation of the yeast rather than respiration, DAP optimises fermentation efficiency.

    Dissolve Classic Phosphate in ten times its volume of cold water before adding to the wine. When preparing red, white or rosé wines, incorporate the Classic Phosphate into the wine must or/and the fermenting must.

    With base wines intended for secondary fermentation, incorporate the Classic Phosphate into the wine together with the sugar syrup and the starter cultures.

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