CereX (20kg)

CereX can be used as a base to produce alcohol-free beer or malt-based soft drinks. Perfect for the growing low and no alcohol market and the production of nutritional and more responsible beverages.

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    CereX is a low colour malt extract syrup, made from wort produced in a state of the art brewery in a low oxygen environment that is then concentrated by evaporation.

    Furthermore, because CereX is low in colour and bitterness, it can be used to produce a wide range of beer styles, paired with a broad range of flavours and suits carbonation.

    It also supports a production process without contact with yeast and alcohol, making it acceptable to Muslims and those with yeast intolerance. Finally, it is high in vitamins, amino acids, salts and certain proteins making it a refreshing healthy option as well.

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    CereX (20kg)