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As consulting brewers and manufacturing chemists, we can provide you with all of the beer processing aids you need including liquor treatments for Burtonisation of brewing liquor, betaglucanase, proteolytic enzymes, mash enzymes, copper finings, Charles Farams hops, Fawcetts malts, isinglass finings, auxiliary finings, nutrients, preservatives, stabilisers, cleaning materials including Antiformin, detergents and filter aids. We are official distributors of Lallemand yeast.

Long Shot-Home

Every single one of our products is formulated and manufactured to perform to the highest standard, and will give you the consistent results you require every time you brew. They are also backed by the same commitment to customer service and quality which you would expect from the Murphy & Son name.

We supply these products to pub breweries, micro breweries, regional breweries, family brewers and multinationals in the UK and around the world, as well as multinational breweries both for the UK and export. In fact, there is no other company offering the range of products and technical expertise provided by Murphy & Son which is probably why we have built up an enviable client list of over 800 companies of all sizes.

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