You may have heard of a crazy little thing called Brexit. We have been now working on this for quite some time, making sure we have prepared the best we can and are pro-actively trying to find ways of minimising impact on our European customers to the absolute minimum.

We would like to tell you about the steps we have taken to try and mitigate the most immediate threats.

-As of January 2021, we will have a basic stock in the Netherlands of our most popular products in quantities that should cover the first few weeks of Brexit chaos. Rest assured immediate emergency stock is already in EU.  

-We are also currently working on setting up an EU based company that will stock the products on more permanent basis and replenish stock, making your purchasing of our products as easy as before the ‘B**x*t’

We have also researched shipping on the DDP basis and are in the process of obtaining EU EORI number, which will allow us (if agreed in advance by you) to ship products into the EU on full DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) terms, clear them at the point of entry and deliver them under Regime 42 to the end customer. In this instance, we would be both the exporter of record in UK and the importer of record in the EU.

This would be a slightly more expensive option however the upside of it would be that nothing would change for you. You would receive your products and even account for VAT in the same way you always have. This is also the only option under which we would not need or even have to have an EORI number.

If you would like to know more about this option, please contact us on

For a traditional shipment under any other INCOTERMS, we will need your EORI number. Please provide us with one if you haven’t already done so by contacting us

However, in that case you must take care of the import declaration and any importation payments.

Northern Irish Customers

In order to address the Northern Ireland Protocol, our Northern Irish customers will now place orders and receive customer service though our Export department. We advise that all customers to obtain XI EORI numbers and sign up for TSS service.

If you do not have an XI EORI number, you may have increased costs and delays.  

To apply for an XI EORI number, all you need to do is fill in an online form that’s submitted to HMRC using your Government Gateway account (the same one you’ll use to submit your tax returns). The application form is available here. Businesses can also contact the HMRC EORI Team on 0300 322 7067.

Please send your EORI number to as soon as you can.

A UK Trader Scheme was announced which should ensure that traders wouldn’t pay tariffs on import provided those goods remain in the UK’s customs territory.

Traders will be able to simply self-declare goods “not at risk” of entering the EU, so they would not be subject to any possible EU duty.

We would suggest that our Northern Irish customers investigate this further and sign up using the link below.

In the first few weeks and months of this “new arrangement”, we will be in constant communication with you. We can offer various solutions to any issues that arise and are always happy to help.

This is a time of big change but rest assured, we have been and still are preparing for it with one aim always at the centre of our focus- to make sure we can ship quality brewing supplies with ease to our loyal customers.

We thank you for your patience during this time and will look to update you further in 2021.