With more time to have a bit of a tidy up, we have found a lot of just past-their-date yeasts in the warehouse.

Rather than bin it, we want to offer it up to you lovely lot for experimenting with brews or baking.

It is a completely FREE if you want to pop in and collect what you want. (Full list below)

If you are a little further afield and want it to be shipped, it would incur shipping charges. Please get in contact at sales@murphyandson.co.uk for more details.

In 500g, we have;

Fermentis SafAle T58 Brewing Yeast

Fermentis SafAle K97 Brewing Yeast

Fermentis SafSpirit Grain Distilling Yeast

Fermentis SafSpirit Malt Distilling Yeast

Fermentis SafSpirit American Whisky Distilling Yeast

Mauribrew Lager 497 brewing yeast.

And in 11g Lallemand sachets –

Lallemand Belle Saison Brewing Yeast

Nottingham Ale Brewing Yeast

Lalvin EC1118- Cider, Wine Champagne and brewing yeast

Lallemand Windsor Brewing Yeast

Lallemand Munich Classic Brewing Yeast


We want to see your creativity in action!

Please send photos of what you make to events@murphyandson.co.uk- with a nice message to our marketing coordinator, Hannah.