Maximise the quality of your small pack beer and optimise its shelf life. Crammed full of real practical hints and tips, this course looks to guide choices from the very beginning of the process to the final packaging to give the best possible results to help boost your small pack sales

Run by Master Brewer Iain Kenny, this course has a focus on the entire brewing process from raw materials to final package with emphasis on factors affecting stability through beer production, it’s preparation for package with a brief introduction to the packaging process itself.

This is not an in depth look at the packaging process but a great guide crammed full of practical hints and tips throughout the whole process to improve small pack beer quality.

This course would suit brewers looking to enter the world of small pack for the first time or just looking to improve the quality of their small pack beer whether packaged in house or with a contract packager.

If you would like to attend this training day, please contact  with the contact name, number, email address and dietary requirements of your chosen delegate.

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