Run by qualified brewer Nick Brading, this course is designed to inform and prepare you to get the best out of your brewing yeast and avoid the pitfalls brought through neglecting this fundamental part of the brewing process.

This course on yeast is suitable for brewers who have limited experience in brewing beer and have not had the benefit of a formal brewing school education. It would also be useful as a refresher course for those brewers who have more experience and been around for longer but who would like to improve their knowledge of yeast handling.

The course starts by introducing you to yeast as an organism and its role in fermenting beer.

It moves on to describe the basics of yeast handling then after lunch informs about how to maintain healthy yeast and how to keep it infection-free.

The course finishes with a review of how yeast is selected to suit the types of beer brewed.

If you would like to attend this training day, please contact  with the contact name, number, email address and dietary requirements of your chosen delegate.

For more information, please follow the link to view this event’s Agenda