Run by Master Brewer Mat Henney ‘getting the most out of your brewery’ will look at maximising output and then cover the tools required to design and execute exciting new beer styles which can command a premium.

Starting with maximising brewery output we will look at how to effectively schedule your production to reduce the impacts of seasonal demand, this will ensure your production is as efficient as possible with tank capacity maximised and residence time at a minimum.

After a cup of tea, we will look at ingredient options and calculations which will give you the best chance of producing a great beer for your portfolio.

Over lunch there’ll be a practical exam as we taste a few beers together, we can then discuss the tips and tricks of producing these varied beer styles in the afternoon session.

If you would like to attend this training day, please contact  with the contact name, number, email address and dietary requirements of your chosen delegate.

For more information, please follow the link to view this event’s Agenda.