Murphy and Son Ltd are proud to be the main UK distributors of a large range of stabilisers supplied by the following leading companies:

Ashlands Stabilisers recognised worldwide for its Polyclar® range of products (PVPP) used for the stabilisation (longer shelf life and improved flavour) and clarification of beer and wine. ISP range includes products to remove haze-causing polyphenols (Polyclar®10 ), and for the simultaneous, balanced removal of haze causing polyphenols and proteins (Polyclar® Plus 730).

Polyclar® VT  is available for wine clarification and removal of astringent flavours.

Grace Stabiliser Grace has over 70 years of experience in the development of silica technology for the food industry, and actually pioneered the developed of a selective adsorbent for beer stabilisation.

DARACLAR® 920 silica, made from silica gel, is a highly selective adsorbent developed specifically for breweries. With its specialised surface characteristics and unique pore structure.
DARACLAR® 920 silica adsorbs only those proteins which cause haze formation in beer
DARACLAR® 920 silica requires only a short period of time to work
DARACLAR® 920 silica does not affect the flavour, clarity, colour and foam quality of beer
DARACLAR®  920 silica may even eliminate the need for foam stabilisers in some cases.


Polyclar 10 is a PVPP to remove polyphenols/tannins. Depending upon the beer and the shelf life required, dose rates vary from 10 g/hl  to 40 g/hl

DARACLAR® 920 is a silica hydrogel to remove proteins (It is a combination of proteins and tannins that produces haze). Dose rates 50g/hl to 100g/hl

It is important to chill beer to about -1 degrees centigrade  and hold for at least 24 hours (preferably longer) and maintain that temperature during filtration. It is also important to minimise oxygen in the product.

Tanks and lines may be purged with CO2 or N2. Ensure calm filling of vessels. But a little bit of fobbing into final container helps.